How To Use Aquamarine Products


  • Cleanse twice daily, morning and night, with the AQUAMARINE Aqua Cleanser
  • Apply 1 pump and gently massage in a circular motion for 1 to 2 minutes 
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry
  • If you have very oily skin or are removing makeup, repeat Step 1 
  • You can use your favorite toner/mist after the AQUAMARINE Aqua Cleanser if you wish, but it’s not necessary to achieve results
Aqua Cleanser


  • In the evening only, apply 1 pump of the AQUAMARINE  Glycolic & Lactic Resurfacing Gel
  • Gently dab the gel over your face and neck, anywhere you’re breaking out or want to reduce wrinkles
  • Start by applying every other day, and then increase to once per day as your skin adjusts
  • You can also increase to 2 pumps of the gel in the morning if your skin is loving it
  • Your skin may feel a little dry or sensitive as your skin adapts, but within a week or two, your skin will begin to glow
  • If you use serums at night, apply them AFTER using your AQUAMARINE products, such as the AQUAMARINE Glycolic & Lactic Resurfacing Gel and AQUAMARINE Hydrating Oil Free Lotion
Glycolic & Lactic Resurfacing Gel


Hydrating Oil Free Lotion


  • In the morning, follow Steps 1-3 with an oil-free, daily SPF to protect your skin!
  • This is very important when using glycolic acid!
  • Using an SPF daily will also help reduce environmental damage and sun damage which contribute to acne and aging

What To Expect Week By Week

Week 1

  • Your skin is getting acclimated to your new products and adjusting to your daily AQUAMARINE routine
  • You might experience some dryness and slight irritation (Not to worry! This is normal and should subside soon)
  • If your skin feels very sensitive or very dry, reduce your use of the AQUAMARINE Glycolic & Lactic Resurfacing Gel to once every other day or once every two days

Week 2

  • 95% of users who follow this routine will see results after just two weeks (It’s that fast!)
  • Skin’s texture is becoming more smooth
  • Pores may start to appear smaller
  • You may still be experiencing some dryness as your skin continues to balance out.
  • If your skin feels very sensitive or very dry, reduce your use of the AQUAMARINE Glycolic & Lactic Resurfacing Gel to once every other day or once every two days
  • Stick with the program!

Week 3

  • Your skin is starting to adjust to the treatment
  • Existing acne should be going away
  • Your skin will continue to push deep down acne to the surface, also known as “purging”
  • You may notice blemishes healing faster at this point
  • Fine lines are starting to diminish

Week 4

  • You’ve completed your first month using AQUAMARINE and your skin is starting to glow!
  • New acne is very minimal; the last of your deep down acne has been pushed to the surface
  • “Purging” is ending this week, or in the next 1-2 weeks
  • Your skin tone is starting to look more even and radiant
  • Your skin may start to feel softer and more smooth
  • Make sure to keep up with your routine and wearing sunscreen daily!

Week 5

  • Your skin is starting to look healthier and more hydrated
  • Breakouts are clearing away and new acne isn’t forming
  • Skin feels softer and clarity is more evident day after day

Week 6

  • You’re starting to enjoy more clear skin days!
  • Post-acne marks are starting to fade
  • Skin appears more radiant, and your complexion may even be glowing
  • Congratulations! You should now be starting your maintenance mode daily routine!
  • Reminder: Just because you aren’t dealing with blemishes daily doesn’t mean you should stop using your AQUAMARINE routine
  • It’s important to keep up with your routine so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful skin results!